Wildlife Photography 2019

Photo: The Moment © Yongqing Bao - Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The museum presents the best wildlife photographs of 2019, breath taking landscapes, surprising animal portraits and dramatic spectacles of nature. Every year, the Natural History Museum London hosts the renowned ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ competition. More than 48 000 images from more than 100 countries were submitted. The museum selected the 100 most outstanding images (chosen by the jury of the Natural History Museum London).

Alpine Workshops in Bern

Photo: Alpines Museum Bern, Lernende der Geigenbauschule Brienz.

The exhibition Alpine Workshop (Werkstatt Alpen) presents people from the Swiss Alps who funnel their creativity and tenacity into producing not only premium products but also fresh perspectives. This is no idealized world, but real, everyday life. What does it mean to manufacture a product by hand in a digitalized and globalized society ? The museum has been transformed into a workshop, incorporating various artisan enterprises from mountain regions which will be presented in person or in pictures and sound. They will provide insights into their experiences and illustrate the real meaning of artisanal trades today.

The Great Feast

Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), Weihnachtsfest Rom 1988. Photo and Collection: Centre Dürrenmatt, Neuchâtel.

Food and drink are omnipresent in the work of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, whether in his plays, caricatures, portraits or novels. The exhibition (Das grosse Festmahl) explores the theme of food and drink in the work and life of the writer and painter. The show is based on work by Dürrenmatt and artists who have incorporated his imagination of food and drink into their art.