Siegfried Wagner

Siegfried Wagner (1869-1939). Photo: Richard Wagner Museum Tribschen

Siegfried Wagner (1869-1930) was the only son of Richard and Cosima Wagner. He was born in the country manor Tribschen on Lake Lucerne. The exhibition focuses on his artistic abilities and his career as well as on the family circumstances. The parents only announced his birth one year later, because they had to marry to secure the family name Wagner. The permanent exhibition on the ground floor highlights the life and work of Richard Wagner.

Finds of echinoderms from the Swiss Jura

Affiche: Naturhistorisches Museum Bern

The exhibition shows 170 million year-old finds of echinoderms from the Swiss Jura. The highlight of the exhibition is a rock slide showing a sea urchin, starfish, brittle stars, crinoids and sea cucumbers. This site in the Jura region was the scene of a major storm 170 million years ago. The fallen animals were covered in fine-grained mud. This great disaster became a stroke of luck for the paleontologists.

Prestigious Bookbindings

Affiche: Fondation Martin Bodmer Geneva

The exhibition Giants and Dwarves (Géants et Nains is on show until August 2022) presents the exhibition Gold and light Prestigious bindings (En habits de lumière) the diversity in size and weight of books (from 4.5 mm to giants over one metre). This exhibition pays homage to the art of bookbinding. The impressive Bibles of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation and finest bibliophile selections from the Renaissance onwards are on show. A splendour that can be found in books by popes and kings, queens and princes of France. In addition, books from the 19th century and modern and contemporary books can be seen.