Evelyne Axell in Susch

This retrospective exhibition Body Double of the Belgian Pop-Surrealist Evelyne Axell (1935-1972) will present sixty exhibits spanning the broad spectrum of the artist’s entire oeuvre. Body Double brings together a large selection of collages, drawings, relief paintings, sculptures, filmic and photographic works. With her original feminist approach in the 1960s Axell became one of the pioneers of Pop Art in Europe.


Romuald Hazoumè (1962, Bénin), Mutti / Mom, 2016. Collection Dragonfly Wood, metal and plastic. Photo credit: Sébastien Crettaz..

The exhibition explores the fundamental theme of human’s place in the universe through a journey in five chapters. With more than 90 works of around 50 artists from all over the world, it follows the previous exhibition Before Time Began that introduced the origins of contemporary Aboriginal art. The show starts with a (dark) night of times immemorial, before the creation of the earth. It starts with Tales of the earth and the skies, then follows with the Power of transformation, the Secrets of Mother Earth and The Origins to the First Being in the fresh daylight. It is all not that different from ancient (European) religions. RESONANCES is to be discovered until April 4th, 2021.

The World of soaps and fragrances

Poster Exhibition. Photo Burghalde Museum Lenzburg

The exhibition in the old soap factory in Lenzburg presents the fascinating world of soaps and fragrances. The industrial posters by Persil, Sunlight, Steinfels & Co. are graphic masterpieces of the last 125 years. High-quality toilet soaps and washing powder were produced in Lenzburg for just over a hundred years. The history of the soap factory founded in 1857 is also discussed. The Icon Museum shows the sacred aspect of purity, in particular the contrast between Russian sacred images and the industrial steel sculptures of James Licini (1937).