Hawk Castle of the Habsburgs

The Aargau is a region in the centre of the Swiss midlands and was Habsburg territory until 1415. The Habichtsburg (Hawk Castle) in the present-day village Habsburg was the castle that gave the dynasty its name. The Habsburgs, one of the many competing aristocratic families in this part of Europe ( Alsace, Switzerland, Germany and … Read more » “Hawk Castle of the Habsburgs”

The Proculus Church

The church was built around 630-650. The rectangular nave and the choir are well preserved. The murals are from the 7th – 9th centuries and are among the oldest frescoes in the German-speaking area. Artists painted new murals in Gothic style in the 14th century,. The Prokulus Museum presents the history and archaeological finds. (Further … Read more » “The Proculus Church”

Carolingian Sculpture in Chur

The city of Chur has many highlights of ecclesiastical building activity from its more than 1500 years of existence as an episcopal city (452 first mentioned as such). The first bishop’s church (5th century), then the so-called Tellocathedral (8th century) and the new building (13th century) are medieval monuments. Bishop Tello built the lavish decoration … Read more » “Carolingian Sculpture in Chur”