Altdorf, Kulturkloster. Photo/Foto: TES.

Cultural Monastery Altdorf

The Monastery of All Saints was built in 1581 by the Order of the Capuchins. In the canton of Uri there was little evidence of the Reformation and it was only a fire in 1799 that eventually destroyed the complex.

The monastery was the first settlement of the Capuchins north of the Alps in 1581, followed by the monasteries in the Catholic cantons of Unterwalden Schwyz, Lucerne, Solothurn and Appenzell, of course in response to the Reformation, which had been successful in the surrounding cantons.

The Capuchins were to last for more than four centuries and it was only in 2009 that the last monks left the complex, which was rebuilt in its full glory after 1799, despite the French occupation.

Today the monastery is a cultural centre with a magnificent view of the Gotthard complex and it calls itself Kulturkloster Altdorf.