The Astronomical Clock of Zug

The castle of Zug still dominates the skyline. The castle is the former residence of the Counts of Lenzburg, Kyburg and Habsburg. The Habsburg army is said to have prepared for its disastrous battle against the Swiss Confederates at Mortgarten in 1315. The first foundations of the castle date from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, … Read more » “The Astronomical Clock of Zug”

The Chapel Bridge Lucerne

The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) was built in 1365 as part of the fortifications of the city. This fortified bridge had a raised parapet and it blocked the free access for ships to the lake. In addition, the Spreuer bridge and the Musegg wall with ten towers were built. In the following decades, the fortification was … Read more » “The Chapel Bridge Lucerne”

Disentis Abbey

The Benedictine abbey St. Martin in Disentis (Canton Graubünden) is one of the oldest monasteries in Switzerland. The abbey was founded in the eighth century and underwent many architectural changes. The present-day building dates from the so-called Vorarlberg Baroque style of the eighteenth century. Three construction periods can be distinguished: Carolingian 800-1000, Romanesque-Gothic 1000-1600 and … Read more » “Disentis Abbey”