Romanesque Church Donatyre

Donatyre (Vaud), a small village near Avenches, is the location of a remarkable charming Romanesque church (11th century), decorated with copies of frescoes in the church Montcherand (11th century), close to Orbe. The church is one of Switzerland’s well hidden Romanesque treasures. The region has always been in close contact with the abbey of Cluny … Read more » “Romanesque Church Donatyre”

The Roman town Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica was at the crossroads of trade and transport routes, from Italy to the north of Gaul to the Danube. The city was founded as a Roman colony in 44 BC, one of the earliest colonies on the Rhine at this strategically important location. The city developed into a regional centre of trade, industry … Read more » “The Roman town Augusta Raurica”

Island of Monasteries Reichenau

The Lake Constance region bears witness to the important role played by monasteries in the Middle Ages in the religious and cultural life of this part of Baden-Württemberg. For centuries this region, together with the episcopal city of Constance, formed a cultural unity. The intellectual and artistic activity of the religious orders marked the cultural … Read more » “Island of Monasteries Reichenau”