Le Temple de Bevaix, 1605. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Temple of Bevaix

The temple of Bevaix (Le Temple de Bevaix) was built in 1605 and 1606 from the remains of the ancient Benedictine abbey of Bevaix, which was founded in 998 under the reign of King Rodolph III (970-1032) of the Kingdom of Arles.

Rodolph maintained intense contact with the mighty abbey of Cluny, and it is not surprising that Cluny gained control of the abbey of Bevaix. However, the monastery fell into disrepair after the Reformation around 1530, and the temple of Bevaix owes its existence and the Romanesque façade to this.

The vaults and some windows of the tower are also taken directly from the Romanesque abbey. The only religious building in Bevaix, therefore, has several original Romanesque features.

The courtyard gate is more recent and was built in 1760, giving access to a cemetery, which was already abandoned in 1780, however. By reusing old materials, also called spolia, the abbey of 998 has a second life.