Château de Champvent. Photo/Foto: TES.

Champvent Castle

The village Champvent (canton of Vaud) was first mentioned in 1011 during the reign of Rudolf III (970-1032), the last king of tge The castle is a typical ‘Carré Savoyard’, quadrangular with high walls, flanked by round towers on each corner and built in the thirteenth century. Similar castles still exist in Yverdon-les-Bains, Grandson and Morges.

The Lords of Champvent and Grandson and the Counts of Neuchâtel were among the owners. A local family was the owner at the time of the Burgundian wars (1474-1477) and an ally of the Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold.

The castle was destroyed by confederal troops in 1476, but soon afterwards restored. The castle is a national heritage site nowadays.

(Source: C. Dey, Champvent. L’histoire de ses 1 000 ans, Morges, 2011).