The annual cattle descent in Grisons

The annual cattle descent (Alpabzug) is a festival worth visiting. After enjoying the alpine pastures for the summer, the cows are driven back into the valley in September, often along a steep and centuries-old path, such as the Scala Mola alpine path built in 1645 into the rock of the Filmstein. The farmers and cows in … Read more » “The annual cattle descent in Grisons”

Basel Gateaway to a Civil Society

History, trade, science and art form a fluid unit in Basel, carried by citizens of the city, a civil society that is characteristic of Switzerland. Basel is not only the hub and physical gateway to this society but symbolises the involvement of citizens in their canton, city or living environment. In Basel, the Museum of … Read more » “Basel Gateaway to a Civil Society”

Terra Raetica

The Romans gave the name Terra Raetica to territory of the tribes of the Rhaetians in the Alpine regions of North and South Tyrol, East Switzerland and Trentino. The goddess of these Raetian tribes was Raetia, who was represented with the horse’s head. Today, the common Rhaetian past binds the regions Landeck, Imst, Unterengadin, Val … Read more » “Terra Raetica”