The foundation of Grisons

The foundation of the canton of Grisons (Graubünden) was completed on 23 September 1524. Before this time, the Rhaetian territory was divided into three alliances (Bünde):  The Gotteshausbund, Zehngerichtebund and der Obere or Graue Bund, which later gave its name to the canton. These federations were founded in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The first … Read more » “The foundation of Grisons”

The High Rhine Region

The High Rhine region stretches from Lake Constance to the Upper Rhine and is bordered to the north by the Black Forest and to the south by the Swiss Jura. The High Rhine leaves Lake Constance at Stein am Rhein and becomes the Upper Rhine in Basel. In this area, the Rhine flows for more … Read more » “The High Rhine Region”

The City of Avenches

The city of Avenches was founded around 1259 by Jean de Cossonay (c. 1219-1273), bishop of Lausanne. Avenches was the successor of the Roman city Aventicum, capital of the Helvetians, founded by emperor Augustus and under emperor Vespanianus around 70 A.D. upgraded to Colonia, but destroyed by the Alemanni around 270 A.D., rebuilt again and … Read more » “The City of Avenches”