Baden and the Confederation

Baden, canton of Aargau, is an old spa and industrial town. Charles L. Brown (1863-1924) and Walter Boveri (1865-1924) founded the company Bown, Boveri & Cie (nowadays ABB), which illuminated the streets of the town with electric lanterns as early as the end of the 19th century. Baden was also the meeting place of the Swiss Confederation’s … Read more » “Baden and the Confederation”

The Bishopric of Chur

The early Middle Ages (5th-10th centuries) are one of the crucial stages in the history of Raetia, a phase of the creation of the High Medieval Raetia Curiensis (Churrätien) and late Medieval and modern Graubünden. The transition from Roman rule to the Middle Ages was a long process in which political structures, social, economic and … Read more » “The Bishopric of Chur”

Romanesque Venosta and Graubünden

The ancient Roman trade route on the Via Augusta winds its way across the Alps and the Adige (Etsch) river in the Venosta (Vinschgau) Valley. The Romanesque paintings and buildings in this region and neighbouring Graubünden represent great treasures. The sites in the Venosta Valley include the Monte Maria Abbey and St. Nikolas Church in … Read more » “Romanesque Venosta and Graubünden”