Mollis, Gedenktafeln in der Pfarrkirche. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Battle of Näfels Commemoration

The parish of Mollis (canton of Glarus) was first mentioned in 1283 with a chapel, which was later elevated to the status of the parish church.

Until the reformation, Näfels and Oberurnen also belonged to Mollis. In 1706, the old church was rebuilt.  Johann Ulrich Grubenmann (1709-1783) built a new church in the same place in 1760.

In 1839, plaques were placed in the church for all Glarner and other Eidgenossen who died at the Battle of Näfels (9 April 1388) and are buried in Mollis.

Here rest the bones of the Glarner and Eidgenossen who gave their lives for the fatherland at the Battle of Näfels on 9 April 1388″.

(Hier ruhen die Gebeine der Glarner und Eidgenossen die am 9. April 1388 in der Schlacht bei Näfels dem Vaterlande ihr Leben offerten).

Their names and places (e.g. Niederurnen, Filzbach, Mollis, Glarus, Schwanden, Lintthal, Sernfthal, Uri) are inscribed on the gallery parapet.