The Prince-Bishopric of Basel

The history of the bishopric of Basel (Basilia) goes back to the Roman Empire. The bishop moved from Augusta Raurica (Augst) in the fifth century. The invasions of Germanic tribes (Alamanni) were the reason and the hill in Basel offered a good refuge and had some defensive walls. The bishopric led a politically and culturally … Read more » “The Prince-Bishopric of Basel”

The Rise of Freiburg

Freiburg associated 1481 with the eight other cantons of the Eidgenossenschaft after the Burgundian wars in 1476. More troubles were to come. The Emperor Maximilian (1459-1519) imposed an extra tax on the cities (the Eidgenossen were still part of the Holy Roman Empire. Habsburg was also in conflict with the three unions (Zehngerichtenbund, Gotteshausbund, Graue … Read more » “The Rise of Freiburg”

The City of Romont

When in 1239 Pierre II of Savoy (1203-1268) conquered the region of what is now Romont, the place consisted of a few small houses and a fortified building of the Lords of Billens, vassals, who ruled on behalf of the bishop of Lausanne. The rotundus mons gave Romont its name. Pierre immediately started with the … Read more » “The City of Romont”