Ins, Rathaus. Foto/Photo:TES

Anestre became Ins

As early as the Neolithic period (4000-1800 B.C.), the area around Ins (Anet in French) was inhabited. The Roman period has also left its traces.

The first mention dates from 851 in a chronicle called Villa de Anes. In 1009, the first mention was found in a charter in the old French language; the village was called Anestre.

At the beginning of the 13th century, Anestre belonged to the county of Neuchâtel-Nidau. In 1376, the village, along with Erlach (Cerlier in French), fell under Savoy.

Bern conquered the area during the Burgundian Wars (1476-1477). Since then, Ins has been German-speaking and is part of the canton of Bern. The French name is Anet.

Impressions of Ins