Museum of Modern Art Belfort

The museum  (musée d’art moderne) presents Maurice Jardot’s donation (150 paintings, sculptures and 20th century drawings) and a collection marked by cubism and surrealism (Picasso, Léger, Braque, Gris, Laurens, Masson and others).    

Museum of Fine Arts Belfort

The collection of the Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts) allowed for a dialogue between history and contemporary art, van Barré, de Montaigu, Jean Claus, D. Eric Dietman, P.A. Gette, André Villers, Dürer, Courbet and the sculptures of Rodin, Carrière, Luce, Signac and Guillaumi

Tour 46

Tour  46 (Tower 46) presents the temporary exhibitions of the museums in Belfort.  

Victor Hugo House

On 26 February 1802, the house of 140 Grande-Rue in Besançon was the birthplace of Victor Hugo (deceased 1885). This house (Maison Victor Hugo) now presents a contemporary scenography of the political struggle of the committed writer and organises exhibitions and lectures on his activities.