Die Rheinschlucht, Graubünden/Grisons. bild/Photo: TES.

Wonders of Nature in Switzerland

There are many caves and stalactite formations, gorges, roaring rivers and waterfalls, underground lakes and steep rocky slopes in Switzerland:

The Vialama Gorge, the Rhine Gorge, the Tamina Gorge, springs in Graubünden, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen, the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge near Meiringen and the St. Beatus Caves near Interlaken in Canton Bern, the Kobelwald Crystal Cave in Oberriet in Canton St. Gallen, the Lac Souterrain (the underground lake) in St. Lèonard in Valais, the Areuse Gorge or the Creux du Van in Canton Neuchàtel.

The caves, stalactite formations and underground lakes near Vallorbe in Vaud, the cave-hole course in the Muothatal in Canton Schwyz, the Chälengraben Gorge in Hofstetten-Flüh in Canton Solothurn or the many smaller and larger gorges in Schwarzbubenland in Canton Basel-Landt are just a few of the many magnificent wonders of nature in Switzerland.

Various websites give information, for example www.myswitzerland.com and www.naturwunder-schweiz.ch.