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The Light of Graubünden

Graubünden, the largest canton in Switzerland, is also the only trilingual canton. The official languages are Romansh, Italian and German.

The village of Lü in the Val Müstair is situated at an altitude of 1920 metres in one of the five Romansh-speaking areas. Lü means Light in Romansh (Vallader dialect).

The sun often shines in the village when a thick layer of clouds covers the valley. Lü seems an appropriate name for the village.

The village has no more than fifteen houses but in the beautiful Engadine style, including the graffiti, a word that comes from Engadine.

Moreover, the village is situated on the edge of the beautiful Biosphere Reserve (Biosfera Val Müstair in Romansh) and is a transit route and base for various hiking trails. Unfortunately, the Astrovillage was closed in 2019.

The village was chosen as a centre for astronomy research and education in 2009. The pure air and the absence of (light) pollution provided the perfect location.

Even without Astrovillage, however, the atmosphere remains just as pure, the starry skies and the Biosphere Reserve just as impressive and the village characteristic of Engadin.

The monastery of St. Johann (San Jon in Romansh), founded around 775 by Charlemagne, and the town of St. Müstair and its centuries-old houses are located in the valley.

Other regions of (Lower) Engadine are worth a visit as well. (Source and further information: