Nussbaumersee. Bild/Photo: Adrian Michael.

The Seebach Valley

The Seebach Valley in the Canton of Thurgau is a peat landscape of national importance. The valley was formed 20 000 years ago by the Rhine Glacier at the time of the last Ice Age.

Three lakes emerged from it: the Hüttwiler, the Nussbaumersee and the Hasensee. The rise of the water level is an ancient natural phenomenon. The pile dwellings from 4,000 years ago are now four metres below the water surface of the Nussbaumersee.

The Romans already inhabited the area. The Roman villa on the shores of Lake Hüttwiler, the Roman Museum and the Vindonissa legionnaires’ camp in Windisch bear witness to this history.  The valley is an El Dorado for flora and fauna nowadays.

Thirty years ago, however, the area was dried up by the many construction works. These had their origins in the defense line in the years before and after 1940.

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