Fundaziun Not Vital

The patrician Planta House in Ardez dates from 1642. The House is the domicile of the fundaziun (foundation) Not Vital since 2006. The main goal of the foundation is to house and to conserve an important library of writings in the Romansh language(s). Those books/manuscripts have all been  printed in  the Engadin between the XVI … Read more » “Fundaziun Not Vital”

Forum Würth Arlesheim

The Forum organizes exhibitions with works of art from the collection Würth.  

Trotte Arlesheim

The Trotte Arlesheim is a house for culture and organizes exhibitions of Arlesheim artists.

Local History Museum Arosa

The museum is housed in the Eggahus, the oldest house in the village. It presents the history and culture of the village and the region and the changes since the beginning of tourism and wellness activities.