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Bibracte and Swiss History

The Archaeological Museum Bibracte. Photo: TES.

One of the crucial events in the history of Switzerland took place in 58 BC, in the Celtic or Gallic oppidum Bibracte on the Beuvray mountain in Burgundy, near Autun. Cesar stopped the migration or advance of the Helvetii and other Celtic tribes from northern Switzerland. This battle between the Roman and Celtic tribes is … Read more » “Bibracte and Swiss History”

The Celtic Tribes of the Alps

Les provinces romaines Alpes Graies et Poenines. Fondation Pierre Gianadda Martigny, Photo: TES.

The Alpine chain was divided from north to south In ancient times: the Alps Poenines (Alpes Poeninae), the Alps Graies (Alpes Graiae), the Alps Cottiennes (Alpes Cottiae) and the Alps Maritimes (Alpes Maritimes). The Graies and Poenines Alps extended over different Celtic regions and peoples. The Graies include the Tarentaise, the Beaufortain and the Haut-Faucigny. … Read more » “The Celtic Tribes of the Alps”

Celtic Culture in the Alpine Region

Replica of a Celtic village. Photo:

Switzerland and its rivers, roads and mountain passes have always been on the crossroads of European trade, ideas, culture and communication. Several Celtic tribes inhabited this area long before the Roman invasion (c. 15-13 B.C.). The Celtic culture and society have been upgraded by archaeological finds from the nineteenth century onward. The tribes were ruled … Read more » “Celtic Culture in the Alpine Region”