The Roman Empire and Romanization News

The Helvets

Mont Vully. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Helvets (Helvetii in Latin) was the name for some Celtic tribes who inhabited the Swiss Plateau some centuries before the era. The names of some of these tribes are known, including the Tigurini, Ambrones, Verbigeni and Tugini. The Rauraci and Suebi inhabited the regions of Basel, Southern Alsace and Baden in the same period. … Read more » “The Helvets”

Pile Dwellings in the Alps

Hauterive, Laténium. Photo:

About one thousand pile dwellings in six countries are known (Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia). A project by the UNESCO comprises a selection of 111 archaeological pile dwelling sites. The property is composed by the remains of prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements dating from 5 000 to 500 BC which are merely situated under water, … Read more » “Pile Dwellings in the Alps”

The Romanisation of Vaud

L´amphithéatre d´Avenches el le château médiéval du 13e siècle à l'arrière-plan. Photo: TES.

During two centuries of Roman peace, the pax romana, and domination, the area of the canton of Vaud was romanised. The Celtic population adopted the Roman way of life, the Latin language and customs. One of the most important contributions was urbanisation. The Celtic settlements, the oppida (oppidum in singular) developed into cities or new … Read more » “The Romanisation of Vaud”