Period IV

Oberalppass. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Rhine Source Lighthouse

No mountain is too high for Swiss people, but what about the lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass at an altitude of 2 046 meters?

The Rhine Lighthouse is an hour’s walk from the source of the Rhine. The Gotthard Source  is the source of four rivers: the Rhine, Reuss, Rhône and Ticino.

The Lighthouse is intended as a call to travel to the source of the Rhine, as a siren.  It was built in 2010 in the Swiss village of Alpnach, and then transported to the Oberalp Pass.

The Lighthouse is meant to be a visual icon for the entire Rhine area and its 50 million people.

The Lighthouse is a replica of a Lighthouse in the Netherlands, 1 233 kilometers away from the Gotthard Massiv.

The lighthouse might be located on a beach again, after 20 million years.

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