Telldenkmal Altdorf. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Cradle of Switzerland

Historically, today’s Switzerland has slowly developed from centuries-old alliances. The federal charter (der Bundesbrief) of 1291 is not the founding document but regulated peace and other matters between the participating cities of Schwyz, Unterwalden and Uri. The Cradle of Switzerland tells this founding story of the Confederation.

The Cradle of Switzerland (die Wiege der Schweiz) is a cultural path in the cantons of Uri and Schwyz along historically significant places: the Tell monument and the Tell Chapel in Altdorf, the Tell village in Bürglen, the Tell chapel on Tellsplatte, the Hohle Gasse in Küssnacht, the Battle of Morgarten (1315), the Rütli, the Place of the Swiss Abroad in Brunnen and the Schiller stone on Lake Uri.

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