Château de Vullierens, Dorianne's garden. Photo/Foto:

The Gardens of Vullierens Castle

The gardens of Vullierens Castle (Canton of Vaud) are unique in Switzerland. With views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, the castle has a park of over 30 hectares.

The castle originated in the thirteenth century and was rebuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in its current architecture.

Initially dedicated to irises, more than 400 varieties bloom in spring. Today the park is a floral paradise with nine themed gardens and centuries-old trees. Eighty-five contemporary sculptures are displayed in the park.

Doreen Bovet, the current owner’s mother, created a new garden on the chateau estate in 1950. She came from San Francisco (United States) and was passionate about irises. Sixty-five years ago, she planted her first plant. Today, it is one of the most important gardens in Europe.

The nine themed gardens take their names from the English language as a tribute to the founder. The garden is open every weekend from 28 August to 31 October in autumn.

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