Das Toggenburg. Foto/Photo: TES.


Toggenburg (canton of Sankt Gallen) is a mosaic of hills, peaks, plains and valleys. The views are magnificent, the long-distance hiking trails adventurous, and the themed routes are diverse.

At 2502 metres, the Säntis is the highest point in the Lake Constance region. Alp Gamplüt lies on the sunny side of the upper Toggenburg, opposite the Churfirsten. The Churfirsten are the Toggenburg landmark par excellence.

The summit of the Chäserrugg overlooks the rocky cliffs of the Churfirsten and a panorama of over 500 mountain peaks in six countries. There is much more to discover, such as cable cars, lakes, towns, villages and, for example, castles.

(Source and further information: www.toggenburg.swiss).