Schloss Sargans und Spleekapelle. Foto/Photo: TES.

Sargans Castle and Splee Chapel

Sargans (St. Gallen) was already inhabited before and in Roman times.

The Alemanni came after the departure of the Romans. The Aleman name ‘Senegaune’ appears for the first time in the seventh century in a document.

The first church was built in the ninth century. The Earl of Werdenberg-Sargans, lord of the castle, granted Sargans city rights in 1260. The dynasty and Werdenberg-Heiligenberg played an important military and political role in the region. They built the castle in the eleventh century.

The city is the capital of the region Sarganserland nowadays and is part of the canton of St. Gall since 1803. The castle and the Splee Chapel (Spleekapelle (built in 1502) still dominate the skyline.