Raron, Turm, Museum und Kirche. Foto/Photo: TES.

Raron, Rilke and UNESCO

Raron (Ragogne in French) in the Bietschtal is one of the Seven Tithings (Zenden/Zehnden in German, dizains in French) of the Upper-Valais. They occupied the Lower-Valais (Unterwallis/Bas-Valais) from 1512-1524 until 1798 (the French invasion) and governed it as an occupied territory or Untertanengebiet (territoire sujet).

The Lords of Raron occupied an area extending as far as the Val d’Hérens until the 15th century. The town is especially known for the church on the hill, built in 1512-1518 and the little church St. German.

The German poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) is buried in the church’s cemetery on the hill.

Raron also has another heritage: the UNESCO World Heritage site Schweizer Alpen Jungfrau-Aletsch and the Bietschtal.

(Source: www.raron.ch).