Period IV

Zürich, Pavillon le Corbusier, 1967. Photo/Foto: TES.

Pavillon Le Corbusier Reopens

The Pavillon Le Corbusier on Lake Zurich is considered an architectural jewel. The idea for the building was initiated in 1961 by gallery owner Heidi Weber (1928), who supervised its completion in 1967, after the sudden death of Le Corbusier (1885-1966). Heidi was not only impressed by his architecture, but also by his many other creations, furniture, paintings and even tapestries, and she brought these creations to the attention of the public and even concluded an exclusive contract with the furniture manufacturer Cassina for the sale of Le Corbusier’s furniture. Heidi also encouraged Le Corbusier to develop his own museum, his own pavilion, to express and explain his ideas and achievements. Heidi organised the building permit and the location on the shore of the lake. Just before his death Le Corbusier completed the plan in 1965 and in July 1967 the Pavillon opened its doors. It is the last building designed by the architect and its only building of steel and glass. After extensive renovation, the building will once again be in a new splendour in June 2019 and invites visitors to take a unique “architectural promenade” through the various floors. The pavilion is managed as a museum by the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich. (Further information: