Scuol, die erste Druckerei des Engadins. Foto/Photo: TES.

First Printing Press in Engadine

Jachen Andri Dorta founded 1660 the first printing press in the Engadine in this house. Many Romansh books and other writings appeared, and in 1679 the “Holy Bible” in the Romansh language (Bibla da Scuol), translated by Jacob Dorta and Jachen Tönet Vulpius.

La Gazetta ordinaria da Scuol, printed by the printing house, was the first newspaper in Graubünden. After the Bible was printed, the printer Nuot Cla Janett took his wooden printing press to Tschlin and moved the Stamparia (printing house) to Strada in 1689. The original of the press is in the Rhaetian Museum in Chur. The museum in Strada is housed in the Stamparia. The printing house in Scuol continued to operate until it closed in 1881. 

(Bron:, Museum d’Engiadina bassa).

Stamparia Museum