Local History

Le Landeron. Photo/Foto: TES.

Le Landeron Remains Catholic

The Count of Neuchâtel founded the city of Le Landeron in 1325. In 1449, however, the city entered into an alliance with the city of Solothurn. The Counts of Neuchâtel, the Prince-Bishopric of Basel and Bern fought for influence in this area and the city was looking for a patron, Solothurn. In the 16th century there was also a fierce religious quarrel between Bern and Solothurn. Bern tried to push through the reform in Le Landeron, but the Catholic population rejected it, supported by the Catholic city of Solothurn. The city also remained Catholic when Neuchâtel changed its faith in 1530. When the Prussian king took over the county of Neuchâtel in 1707, Solothurn had to withdraw and in 1803 Le Landeron belonged to the canton of Neuchâtel, although still Catholic. This typical Swiss history of this medieval city is illustrated in the Museum l’Hôtel de Ville.