Basel, ehemalige Oekolampad Kirche. Bild/Photo: TES.

Wibrandis Rosenblatt

Wibrandis Rosenblatt (1504-1564) lived in the rectory of St. Martin’s Church in Basel, near the cathedral on the Münster.

She was married to the reformer Johannes Oecolampadius or Oekolampad (1482-1531), one of the reformers in Basel.

The Reformation and this marriage had nothing to do with emancipation. Wibrandis took care of the household and was obedient, religious and knew the Bible, in the words of Oekolampad.

Marrying a (former) priest was considered an act of reform and a profession of the new faith. After his death she married the reformers Wolfgang Capito (1478-1541) and Martin Bucer (1491-1551).

The mother of eleven died in Basel, but had also lived in Strasbourg (with Capito and Bucer) and Cambridge (with Bucer).