Jakob Ritzmann (1894-1990), die Maler Hans Sturzenegger und Wilhelm Hummel, 1934. Sammlung Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen

The landscape is the interface between nature and culture. Every day we experience it and move within it. We find relaxation in it and associate experiences and feelings, longings and hopes with it.

We shape the landscape, dig it up, erect buildings in it, and speculate with it. This workshop exhibition traces the relationship between people and landscapes.

The exhibition shows the diversity of the landscape. In the exhibition and at selected locations in and around Schaffhausen, visitors can get involved at several research stations and a landscape laboratory. These perspectives and experiences from the research stations will be collected over the course of the exhibition to form a collective work. A large-scale video installation with recordings from the landscape laboratory will be featured in the exhibition until the beginning of July.