Climate change, pandemics, war and other conflicts, bitcoins, financial crises, the exhaustion of the earth and the explosive growth of the world’s population are causing fundamental problems and disorientation in finding solutions.

Traditional explanations are no longer applicable due to this complexity. Art reflects this situation and develops its strategies for dealing with it. More than a hundred years ago, in 1916, the Dada movement in Zurich did the same.

The Great War (1914-1918) was raging, and artists were looking for new ways to express the disorder. However, the Great War became the First World War.  The Second World War (1939-1945) was followed by many conflicts and problems for the post-war generation.

The current generation is faced with new challenges, and artists are responding to them. This exhibition (World out of Joint/Welt aus den Fugen)  in the Kunstmuseum (Beim Stadthaus) expresses this attitude strikingly.

The exhibition brings together installations by nine young international artists. The installations deal with various aspects of contemporary society.

They illustrate that traditional art can no longer answer these problems and questions. Each installation is an original cosmos, living in an interplay of time and space, of different objects and media.

The nine installations create the image of a world that has fallen apart, in which ambivalences have to be endured to interpret them. The nine installations deal with different themes but from the same perspective: depicting contemporary developments without giving answers.