Red Bull the Edge: A Matterhorn VR experience. Foto/Photo: Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern,

VR-Climbing the Matterhorn

The project (Red Bull the Edge: A Matterhorn VR experience) is the result of an innovative and long-term collaboration between Swiss and international pioneers. They developed the idea of the Geneva film producers Stefan Lauper and Consuelo Frauenfelder.

Thanks to a completely new 3D technology, an agency transformed the drone footage into an interactive and highly realistic climbing adventure, making the unattainable mountain accessible to all.

After a video briefing, equipped with VR glasses and climbing equipment, you head for the top of the Matterhorn, up the steep mountainside. Wind simulations and mountain noises create a fusion of the virtual and the real world.

During the three-year development period, the team worked closely with mountain guides, mountaineers, engineers and motion capture specialists.

The accompanying exhibition explores the myth of the Matterhorn, the (failed) ascents, mountain guides and mountain rescue, cable cars and innovation in mountaineering.

On the top floor of the climbing pavilion, there is also a magnificent VR view of Switzerland’s most famous mountain.

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