Val Morteratsch, Morteratsch- und Persgletscher. Photo/Foto: Wikipedia/ Günter Seggebäing

Virtual Reality Glacier Experience

The Morteratsch Glacier near Pontresina  (canton Graubünden) shows the consequences of global warming. In recent decades, the masses of ice have been shrinking at an ever-increasing annual rate. High moraines characterise the landscape and show where the glacier was in 1850. The virtual reality stations show where it will be in 2100. Over the past 170 years, this glacier has shrunk three kilometres, nowadays  44 metres per year.

But there is (Swiss) hope and innovation (see under projects: “Mort Alive”). An interactive exhibition in Diavolezza near Pontresina (canton Graubünden) space shows the theme of the melting of the glaciers and climate-related changes in the high mountains. Information boards and extensive documentation give the visitor a scientifically substantiated insight into this multifaceted subject. Seven virtual stations show which scenarios are possible in the future.