Attisholz, die Attisholz-Areal. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Attisholz-Areal

The factory in the village of Riedholz (canton of Solothurn), a few five kilometres from the city of Solothurn, produced cellulose and paper from 1884 to 2016. The factory closed its doors in 2016. Since 2018, however, new life has awakened in Switzerland’s most prominent industrial wasteland.

Since the opening of the Attisholz-Areal in 2018, live concerts, exhibitions, Street-Art, seminars and workshops in the field of art and culture and other events have taken place regularly.

Catering establishments and beautiful nearby nature reserves, including the footpath along the Aare and the nature reserve, are also part of the concept of uniting art, culture and people.

In the next twenty to thirty years, this location on the Aare and at the foot of the Jura will be further developed into a site for living, working, research, education, culture, art, recreation and leisure.

(Source: Attisholz Areal/Halter AG).

The nature reserve and the hiking trail