The village of Glovelier

The village of Glovelier (canton of Jura) is located at the western end of the Delémont valley, at the crossroads of the old connecting roads: Porrentruy-Bienne via Bellelay and Pierre-Pertuis and Delémont-La Chaux-de-Fonds. The village lies at the edge of gorges and the wild mountain streams of the Jura.

Glovelier is one of the thirteen free villages (francs villages) of the Delémont valley, which, until the French invasion of 1792, was a fiefdom of the Prince-Bishopric of Basel. The parish and the beautiful church of St. Maurice were already mentioned in the 12th century. The church was renovated in 1923-1924.

After the French invasion, Glovelier belonged successively to the short-lived Rauracian Republic, from 1793 to 1800 to the department of Mont-Terrible, and from 1800 to 1813 to the department of Haut-Rhin.

After that, the Allies governed the region from the village of Arlesheim (canton of Basel-Landschaft today) until 1815. By the decision of the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Glovelier was assigned to the canton of Berne.

Since 1 January 1979, the municipality has been part of the canton of Jura. On 1 January 2013, the municipality merged with Bassecourt, Courfaivre, Soulce and Undervelier to form the new Haute-Sorne municipality.

(Source: Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse, François Kohler, version 02.07.2020).