Vierwaldstättersee. Photo/Foto: TES.

The ViaUrschweiz

In 2018, the cultural hiking trail (Kulturwanderweg) ViaUrschweiz was opened.

ViaUrschweiz is a hiking trail between the cantons of Uri and Nidwalden in the heart of Switzerland. It connects Lake Uri with the so-called Waldstätterweg on Lake Lucerne and leads through nature reserves and places of historical significance.

The route is part of the regional hiking trail network (hiking trail number 599).

The trail is divided into stages of about 15 kilometres.

These stages are in fact five themes:

At the fjord of Uri (from lake to glacier, nature reserve in the Reussdelta);

in the wild hay landscape of Switzerland (uphill to the Alpine agriculture);

in the wild nature garden of Central Switzerland (the primeval flora of the Alps);

the towns of Beckenried, Buochs, Ennetbürgen, Hammetschwand and resort Bürgenstock;

at the lake of the cradle of Switzerland (with its clattering and sparkling waterfalls) and in the vicinity of the birth of the old Swiss Confederation (along the old Gotthard path).

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