Ligerz, Le Fornel. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Mansion Le Fornel

The mansion of the Lords of Gléresse “Le Fornel” was built in 1550 by Rodolphe de Gléresse (1510-1564) on the grounds of the prince-bishop of Basel.

The manor remained in the family for 250 years (until the French invasion in 1798) and bears witness to the habitat and the viticulture of that time. The building houses the wine museum nowadays.

The vineyards around the lake (Bieler See/Lac de Biene)cover about 220 hectares. A document from 866 shows that viticulture took already place more than 1000 years ago. In the Middle Ages, abbeys and monasteries were the main vineyard owners, but after the Reformation in 1530, mainly Bernese families.

The medieval wine villages and towns have lost none of their charms and maintain their traditions.

The 80 or so winegrowers around the lake have traditionally grown white wine and almost all still have their own vineyard. (Source and further information: