Schloss Worth und Laufen am Rheinfall. Photo/Foto: TES.

The High Rhine Region

The High Rhine (Hochrhein) region stretches from Lake Constance to the Upper Rhine and is bordered to the north by the Black Forest and to the south by the Swiss Jura.

The High Rhine leaves Lake Constance at Stein am Rhein and becomes the Upper Rhine in Basel. The Rhine flows 150 km through different landscapes, narrow gorges, sparsely populated agricultural land, port facilities, and industrial areas.

This region was a cultural, linguistic, economic and political German-speaking unity under Habsburg rule, not to mention the Roman and Carolingian/Frankish periods.

Several cities, such as Rheinfelden, Kaiserstuhl or Laufenburg, bear witness to this bond, although the region today encompasses three countries.

(Source and further information: (Marie-Louise von Plessen, Der Rhein, eine europäische Flussbiografie (Bonn, 2016), Erlebnisraum Hochrhein :