Local History

Le Temple. Avenches. Photo: TES.

The City of Avenches

The city of Avenches was founded around 1259 by Jean de Cossonay (c. 1219-1273), bishop of Lausanne. Avenches was the successor of the Roman city Aventicum, capital of the Helvetians, founded by emperor Augustus and under emperor Vespanianus around 70 A.D. upgraded to Colonia, but destroyed by the Alemanni around 270 A.D., rebuilt again and in the sixth century even for a short time bishopric. The medieval town Avenches was rebuilt on the hilll. The city shows the rich the Roman heritage, the amphitheatre and remains of  the theatre and an intact mediëval and baroque center, including the castle (14th century), church (13th century), the old hospital (1720), L’Auberge de la Coronne (1711), L’Hotel de Ville (1753).