The City Palaces of Trogen

One of Switzerland’s features is the large monumental building in the most remote areas and (former) farming villages.

It applies not only to the well-known grand hotels in the well-known cantons but also to Schwyz, Uri, Glarus, and, for example, Appelzell Ausserrhoden.

The village centre is unique in its combination of palatial stone houses and typical Appenzell wooden dwellings, dominated by the early classicistic church facade.

Textile trade and the houses of merchants and weavers characterise the village. The history of Trogen’s trade in the 17th and 18th centuries is omnipresent around the Landsgemeinde square.

The present-day town hall was built in 1760-1763 as a residential and commercial building. Another palace (1803) was used for the councillors of the canton until 1876 when the canton seat was moved to Herisau.

The Reformed Church of Trogen was built in 1779-1782. Die Krone (1727) is a monumental wooden building with gable roofs and beautiful rococo paintings.

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