The Foundation ch

The Foundation ch (Stiftung  ch für eidgenössische Zusammenarbeit/Fondation ch pour la coopération confédérale) is committed to the sustainability and principles of federalism in Switzerland.

The main focus is on multilingualism, the media landscape, and the religious, cultural-linguistic, social and economic differences and (growing) disparities between the 26 cantons.

The Foundation promotes the translation of Swiss literature into another national language (the ch Reihe/ le Collection ch, and Aller-Retour Festival), organises the seminar for members of the cantonal government and civil servants (Regierungsseminar/Gouverner Aujourd’hui), the monitoring of federal structures (Föderalismusmonitoring/Monitoring du fédéralisme) and the traineeship for young professionals in another language region of Switzerland (Premier Emploi-Offenen Stellen).

The Foundation also manages the House of the Cantons.

City: Bern