Cressier, église Saint-Martin. Photo/foto: Madeleine Spaas

Parish Church St. Martin Cressier

The old parish church of St. Martin of the municipality of Cressier (canton Neuchâtel) is situated next to Jeanjaquet Castle, or rather the other way around. The origin of the church go back to the sixth and seventh centuries. In the side walls of the church spolia (materials) from an old Roman temple have been used. It is likely that a Roman temple is the predecessor of the church.  The Romans left this region at the beginning of the fifth century.

The first bishop’s town in this area was Aventicum (Avenches), Lausanne became the new episcopal city in the course of the sixth century. In 1180, the bishop of Lausanne donated the church, its vineyards, forests, fishing grounds and meadows to the abbey of Fontaine-André (à Neuchâtel-La Coudre). Shortly afterwards, the Romanesque tower and nave were rebuilt. These can still be seen, as can the choir from 1424. After the construction of the new church of St. Martin in Cressier, lord Jean Jaquet bought the church in 1872.