Lac des Taillères’, Vallée de La Brévine. Photo/Foto: TES.

Valley of La Brévine

The Lake of Taillères (Lac des Taillères) is situated at an altitude of 1039 metres in the ‘Siberia of Switzerland’ in the Valley of La Brévine (canton of Neuchâtel). In winter, the lake and its surroundings are a snow and ice paradise, as the name ‘Siberia’ suggests.

The coldest temperature in the inhabited world of Switzerland was measured in La Brévine,by the Federal Weather Service in 1987: – 41.8 C.

In summer, however, the valley is warmer than similar regions. It is a microclimate due to altitude, mountains, vegetation and soil conditions.

The landscape consists of forests, meadows, villages (la Brévine, La Chaux-du-Milieu), farms and streams, including the Brevena, from which the valley and village derive its name.

The art gallery Ferme du Grand-Chachot-de-Vent is also located in the valley.

A true paradise for nature and summer- and winter sports enthusiasts and snow guaranteed although nothing is certain nowadays.