Val Mustair, Herbst 2022. Foto/Photo: TES

An ode without words to Val Müstair

The Val Müstair (Münstertal) is the easternmost valley in Switzerland. The approximately 1,600 inhabitants live in Tschierv, Fuldera, Lü, Valchava, Sta villages. Maria and Müstair and a few hamlets. They form the municipality of Val Müstair.

The villages and their historical and cultural backgrounds are dealt with in another article. This article will also explain the relationship with the Counts of Tyrol, the Habsburgs, Bormio, the Valtellina and Chiavenna in Italy (subject territories from 1512 to 1798), the Bishop of Chur and the Gotteshausbund.

An ode without words to the beauty of the valley and its villages.


Sta. Maria

The church of Santa Maria

The San Nicolaus and Sebastian church in Tschierv

Fuldera and the St. Rochus church

Lü and its church at an altitude of 1 920 m.


and the Nossaduonna

And St. Martin Church

Müstair and the St. John monastery (Claustra Son Jon)