Mund. Foto: Safranzunft Mund.

The Saffron Village of Mund

There is always something to discover in Switzerland. For example, every hamlet, village and town has its particularity, the village of Mund (canton of Valais). In Gondo (Kanton Valais), there was a real gold rush in the nineteenth century, but in Mund, the (culinary) precious Saffron, the ‘Queen of Plants’, has been cultivated for centuries. Iran is the home country and the undisputed market leader in this field, but Mund also has a reputation.

Saffron: Photo: 

Mund is at an altitude of 1200 metres in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jungfrau-Aletsch, on the right side of the Rhone valley, not far from Naters and Brig.

Saffron has been cultivated in Switzerland since the 14th century, but nowadays, only in Mund. In an area of two hectares, the harvest in September-November is two kilos of pure Saffron per year. Per kilo, no less than 130 000 petals are needed!

Due to climatic conditions (lots of sun, sufficient rain and morning dew) and the soil conditions, the aroma is exceptional. It is not only the Queen of Plants but, per gram, more precious than gold!

The Saffron Museum (Safranmuseum) in Mund and the Safranlehrpfad tell the history of this unique plant in Valais and its properties in scents and colours.

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