L'Etang de la Gruère. Photo/Foto: TES.

L´Etang de la Gruère

The two peat ponds l´étang de la Gruère and Les Royes and the border river Doubs are natural treasures of the Franches-Montagnes. The Fondation Les Cerlatez gives further information.

The Etang de la Gruère is a nature reserve of national importance. The reserve covers more than 120 hectares.

The moor extends over 56 hectares and has a nine-metre layer of peat, accumulated over 12 000 years (after the end of the ice age). In the 17th century, an artificial dam was built to operate a mill.

Most of the reserve lies within the territory of the town of Saignelégier (canton of Neuchâtel), but some of it also extends into the territory of the towns of Bémont and Montfaucon (canton of Jura), as well as Tramelan (canton of Bern).

(Source and further information: www.j3l.ch).