Vallée de la Sagne, Canton de Neuchâtel. Foto/Photo: TES.

The valley of La Sagne

The valley of La Sagne is located in the west of canton Neuchâtel. The valley extends into the Jura Mountains with the Mont-Racine at an altitude of 1449 metres as its highest peak. The most important villages are Ponts-de-Martel and La Sagne. The slopes are covered with dense forests interspersed with meadows and farms.

In summer it is an ideal valley for hiking, horseback riding and cycling, in winter a place for cross country skiing, snow walking and some small ski slopes. The watch industry is no longer a significant sector in the valley. However, many other small and medium-sized enterprises have taken up this place alongside the still important agricultural sector. A benevolent environment in a forgotten corner of the country.