Local History

Martina. Chasa Engiadina. Foto/Photo: TES.

Martina, Vinadi and Austria

Martina, located on the left bank of the river Inn, is the border town with Austria. The old inn dating back to 1602 is still a reminder of the old toll between the Independent (Freistaat) of the Three Bünde (1524-1798) and Austria. Martina (Martinsbruck) also symbolises the history of this region.

The old border at the time of the old Confederation of Twenty-two cantons of 1815 was a few kilometers further away at Vinadi (Weinberg). In 1848, the year of the creation of the present Swiss Confederation, the border post was moved to Martina. However, the left bank of the river Inn remains Swiss territory until Vinadi. The old castle Altfinstermünz on the right bank of the Inn is the medieval Austrian (c.q. Tyroler) toll.