Davide Macullo, Calancatal. Photo/Bild: Frei Holzbau, Kriessern

Ispace in the Calanca Valley

The involvement of residents of municipalities and cantons in maintaining and initiating projects in the fields of architecture, culture, education or history is impressive. This commitment applies to the far east, e.g. St. Müstair, Scuol, Savignon or Riom (canton Graubünden), the far west, e.g. in Vallorbe, Vallée de Joux (canton Vaud), St. Gingolph (canton of Valais), the far north, e.g. the Vitra Design Museum near Basel, Porrentruy (canton of Jura) or Kaiserstuhl (canton of Aargau), to the far south, e.g. in Airolo, Montagnola or  (canton of Tessin).

The village Rossa (canton of Graubünden) at an altitude of 1100 metres in the Calancada valley at the foot of St. Bernadino houses not only the Swiss House XXXII, but the whole Calancatal is the site to be of a permanent exhibition called “Ispace”.

The architect Davide Macullo (1965) is designing this project in collaboration with the Frei Holzbau company in Kriessern, the Rossarte foundation in Rossa and the Val Calanca Natural Park (Parco Val Calanca).

Ten large wooden sculptures will appear in the park. The aim is to give art and architecture a place in nature. For this reason, the sculptures are not close to the hiking trails, but in the middle of nature. (Source and further information: (www.macullo.com).